About Us

My name is Chad Cross. My wife Kelly and I are the owners of Happy
Beginnings. We have been in the daycare business for over sixteen
years now. In that time, we've learned a great deal about childcare,
not only the business aspect of it but hands on work with the children
as well.

Happy Beginnings is a result of the years I spent in the facility. I
learned what worked and what didn't work with the facilities we had at
that time. So, I set out to build a brand new building, built specifically
for the use of a daycare. What I've ended up with is a building that is
grand in scale, much larger than most daycares at 12,500 sq/ft.

I wanted the facility to have more of a school feel for the children and
parents, with large classrooms( 8 of the 10 classrooms are over
400sq/ft), inside play areas, as well as other specific use rooms. I also
knew that I wanted a facility that was more secure for the safety of the
children. I have added a door lock system that is controlled by a four
digit PIN assigned to the parents for entry into the daycare. This also
ensures that no small children will be allowed to exit the building

Now that I have a building that I feel covers all the physical aspects
that a daycare should have, I turn my attention to one of the most
important aspects of a childcare facility, good teachers that will help us
achieve our mission statement.


  • To treat every child the way we would want our child treated
  • To ensure the safety and well being of every child in our care
  • To prepare every child to the best of their ability and ours for
    their future in school and life
  • To maintain good business practices (keeping payables down
    to a manageable level and making sure receivables are
    collected in a timely manner) ensuring the stability of the facility
    for years to come   
  • To have FUN. We want every child to enjoy their time with us

I hope to see you soon.